Switzerland ranked best in the world at attracting talent

21 Nov 2018

SwitzerlandSwitzerland has ranked first place in a global survey on attracting talent, retaining its spot for the fifth consecutive year.

The World Talent Ranking report published by IMD Business School is based off a study surveying over six thousand executives in 63 economies. As Bloomberg reports, some of the factors used for assessment include how the economies invest in developing the local workforce, the extent to which they are able to attract and retain skilled workers and the quality of skills available in their respective talent pools.

Switzerland’s high score has reportedly been a result of the efforts dedicated towards skills training and education. Denmark and Norway followed in second and third place respectively. The poll’s top 10 rankings were made up of 9 European countries, and Canada – which ranked in sixth place.

"Economies placed in the top 10 of the ranking generally share high levels of investment in public education and a high quality of life, which allow them both to develop local human capital and to attract highly-skilled professionals from abroad," said Arturo Bris, director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center.

While no Asian countries made it to the top 10 list, Singapore ranked in 13th place, as the highest-ranking Asian economy on the index. It outranked Hong Kong, which dropped six places to 18th this year. The report notes that both economies successfully ranked in attracting professionals from abroad, however, they also both fell behind in terms of investment in education.